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NuSpidey spoilers: On Peter's "new girl" ...

So now, as of Amazing Spider-Man #604, Peter Parker and Michelle Gonzales are dating, which I find incredibly skeevy, for the following reasons:

  1. They fell into bed together because they both got BLACKOUT drunk, which makes their first time having sex BARELY consensual at best.

  2. Peter is now dating Michelle because the Chameleon RAPED her, under the false pretense of using Peter's face.

  3. Even Steve Wacker has flat-out STATED that Michelle has absolutely NO reason to like or respect Peter, which makes it completely misogynistic writing of her character that all Peter needed to do (or rather, all that the Chameleon needed to do, while wearing Peter's face) was KISS Michelle - after Peter had previously pissed her off so badly, on the morning after their first night together, that she was screaming about MURDERING him, and ordering him out of her apartment - for her to spread her legs for him RIGHT THERE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR, BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT WOMEN WHO ACT LIKE BITCHES JUST NEED A GOOD STIFF ONE TO SET THEM STRAIGHT, AMIRITE???

  4. As another poster had to point out to me (and I'm rather ashamed that I didn't see this myself), Michelle is pretty much the dictionary definition of a walking RACIAL STEREOTYPE of Hispanic women; she's hot-tempered, hard-drinking and puts out at the drop of a hat.

  5. There are some very serious and uncomfortably ugly issues of emotional manipulation and violation at play in this budding "romantic" relationship, as mentioned above, and yet, they're all being played for SITCOM LAUGHS.
While it's true that I'd probably harbor a grudge against just about any female character who was introduced as Peter's "new love interest," Black Cat notwithstanding, there were ways to write that hypothetical character, and her hookup with Peter, without making me lose all respect for both Peter and the woman in question.

As it stands, not only does this story make me dislike both Peter and Michelle even more as characters than I did before, but it also makes me feel like taking a "Silkwood shower" of the type that Michelle alluded to, because just dipping my toes into the minds of writers who think that this constitutes a "funny romance," as opposed to a profoundly triggery scene of screaming dysfunctionalities, makes me feel extremely unclean.

If anyone out there can relate to Peter MORE because of this sequence of events, then I JUDGE them.

ETA: Oh, and Marvel compounds its Spider-Man gender!fail with Mary Jane.

ETA2: A gem of a reaction quote over on the Spider-Man Message Board:

This is just stupid. Is there ANY reason why Peter can't just tell Michelle the truth about the Chameleon? He doesn't have to worry about her figuring out his identity due to the "blindspot." Besides, doesn't Michelle have a right to press charges against the Chameleon? Essentially, we have Peter hiding from a woman that she was RAPED BY ONE OF HIS ENEMIES for no real reason.
Jesus, I hadn't even THOUGHT of that, but he's absolutely right, and it's a SERIOUSLY (hell, literally CRIMINALLY) HOLY SHIT UNETHICAL move on Peter's part.
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