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Drop it like it's hot

There was a question asked on IGN's Comics Smash podcast this week along the lines of "If you didn't work for one of the biggest comics sites, what books would you drop?"

Now, I imagine that very few of us are at the level of an IGN reviewer, but I know that for me, there's a lot of books that are on my list because they're on my list. Here's my buy pile for October.

Detective Comics (ongoing)
Ex Machina (ongoing)
Busty Airborne Lass(ongoing)
Secret Six (ongoing)
Immortal Weapons
Irredeemable Iron Man (ongoing)
Marvel Superheroes
Marvel Divas #4
Ms. Marvel (ongoing)
New Avengers (ongoing)
Thunderbolts (ongoing)
Dark Avengers (ongoing)
Young Avengers
Invincible (ongoing)
Fantastic Four

I've dumped Initiative and Booster Gold in recent weeks and I'm thinking seriously about dumping Secret Six. I asked myself - if I could only pick up three individual books each month, what would they be?

One of them has to be Ex Machina - as it comes to a close, I can't trade wait for it.
Because it presents such good value and is very different from what is going on anywhere else, Busty Airborne Lass gets spot #2
Leaving spot #3 for Fantastic Four, since it's a new series with some ideas that I'm quite interested into getting into.

No place then for Ms. Marvel (I really think that I hadn't been picking it up for the last 30 issues, I wouldn't start with it now), New Avengers (I'm quite strongly thinking about dumping it, since it isn't THAT good a read. Dark Avengers beats the crap out of it), Invincible can go back to trade waiting. Thunderbolts will be reviewed when it becomes Parkerbolts.

So - From your pull list, if you had to whittle it down to a mere three (3) titles, what would get the chop and what would be saved?
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