December 7th, 2009


Your Recommendations: POC Edition

You may recall that back in July I did a post asking for recommendations of excellent female-oriented or "girl powered" comics that you would recommend. Which series and/or storytellers are doing it right?

We got a lot of great feedback.

Well based on a few recent posts on my personal blog and keeping in the spirit of educating on diversity in fandom and celebrating minorities in said fandom, we're going to switch gears and pose that same question for POCs. I also plan to do a post for LGBTs in the not-too-distant-future as I think each group deserves their own post to be celebrated fully.

So my question to you is what excellent comic book series/graphic novel featuring POCs as the primary characters would you recommend? Which series and/or storytellers are doing it right?

My list off the top of my head and yes I know I'm forgetting some true gems.

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Blue Beetle


I'm still working my way through the public library's graphic novel collection, and just finished the first two books in the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi.

Amulet Book One: The Stonekeeper

Amulet Book Two: The Stonekeeper's Curse

They're from scholatic books, so I guess they're YA. But readable for an adult audience.

"After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great-grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous. Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids´ mom through a door in the basement. Em and Navin, desperate not to lose her, follow her into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals.

Eventually, they enlist the help of a small mechanical rabbit named Miskit. Together with Miskit, they face the most terrifying monster of all, and Em finally has the chance to save someone she loves."

There's some beautiful art in this book, and a fast-paced plot. I did roll my eyes a bit at the father's death cliche, but it works in this context, and Em's determination not to lose her mom as well.

Has anyone else read this one?