July 15th, 2010

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Equal-opportunity objectification: Let's show some "love" for comics' moms and dads!

(Cross-posting this from my own LJ, because it's an upbeat topic during a period of especially downbeat industry trends.)

We ALL have our comic book characters that we perv on. Between Jean Grey, Mary Jane Watson, the Scarlet Witch and Black Widow, one could argue that Marvel has had a "ginger agenda" to make generations of men (and women) fall in lust with redheads, and long before he became the big-name comics writer that he is today, I distinctly recall Robert Kirkman confessing on at least one message board that Storm was the first black woman he ever crushed on as a teenaged white boy. Likewise, [community profile] scans_daily and noscans_daily could almost be renamed The Dick Grayson Ass Appreciation Society with scarcely any changes to the contents of their posts, and even as a heterosexual male myself, I'd be hard-pressed to object.

That being said, not all types of characters seem to receive equal degrees of Male or Female Gazes from writers, artists or fans, so I'd like to correct that discrepancy on at least one score, and anybody who's ever read so much as a single post written by me before should be able to guess where I'm going with this, even without checking the title of this post. That's right ... I'm asking you all to name your favorite MILFs and DILFs in comics. Yes, you're welcome (and encouraged) to describe the physical details that make you hot for their line-drawn bods, but I'm also interested in hearing why you think they're cool characters, whether they're wonderful or terrible parents.

And while I'm sure you're all expecting me to kick things off by gushing over a certain wall-crawler's older surrogate mom, I'll instead lead off by expounding upon the virtues of another mother to an insect-themed superhero, a gal whose subtle charms I have yet to see even her son's fans commenting upon yet:

Bianca Reyes did such a good job of raising her son Jaime to treat power as a responsibility that he didn't need to see a loved one die in order to be reminded of that lesson. She's a nurse whose profession is treated not as a pretext for a sexy costume fetish, but as a demanding crisis-response job that requires her to stay tough and think on her feet in order to save lives, which helps show where her son might have picked up some of his skills at reacting smartly to emergency situations. She's so cool under pressure that she can tranquilize a stubborn old warhorse like the Peacekeeper in mid-argument, without even missing a beat in the conversation, to keep him from leaving his hospital bed, and she actually manages to shout down Guy Gardner, the mouthiest asshole in the Green Lantern Corps, while he's wielding a giant green fist, which inspires her husband Alberto to admit that she's "the reason I never have to raise my voice." And while she has some understandable moments of freaking the fuck out over what her son does as a superhero, especially when she witnesses firsthand what his fights are like, she gets over her fears for his safety enough to encourage him to "kick ass" against the bad guys.

And speaking of asses, Bianca has a bodaciously tight bluejeans-clad backside that gives her figure the silhouette of a gorgeous guitar, and beautifully sets off her adorable pug nose, her awkwardly angular glasses and her fetchingly messy ponytail. If you were a high school boy in Jaime's neighborhood, you know you'd want Mrs. Reyes to show up on your doorstep bringing MILF and cookies.

So, having said all of that ... tag, you're it. Which moms or dads in comics do you consider sexy, and why?
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Attention Fandoms! Journals and Comms Inactive for 24 months will be deleted

I usually skip over LJ news, being annoyed with the frequency, well, imma glad that I didn't skip over this one;

I have in my memories, so many, entries of fanfic by authors that haven't updated for over a year, within communities that haven't updated in a year. Most of the time, I come to fandoms years after they were popular, and imma thankful for the communities that are still up for me to browse through.

Then there re tiiiiiny fandoms that might get updates every few years, when a new comic issue comes out or a movie is made or when the band goes on a reunion tour or even when a really good fic posted trigger a small flood of people tuning back in. Then there are tiny corners of of the fandoms for characters and ships. Currently imma going through Watchmen, and there are so many journals that haven't been updated in a year that is full of neat stuff, especially art journals. (While on the subject of Watchmen, this one was updated this year, but omg take a look at this cute and sometimes NSFW (ot3 sexxing) pchat results of Watchmen).

Then there are RPGs, there are RPGs that I love to read (anyone here remember the naruto rpg that was at GreatestJournal?), and, because of how time intensive it is, some rpgs only get together during the holiday.

What I'm saying is, when we have the time, we totally should save the stuff we like, or at least the author and titles (I think when they get deleted, the list disappear too? I'm so glad that I cram so much info into the subject line), we like on LJ.

...and once again, thank you kindly to the people who have archived scans_daily, thank you.

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