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Your Recommendations: POC Edition

You may recall that back in July I did a post asking for recommendations of excellent female-oriented or "girl powered" comics that you would recommend. Which series and/or storytellers are doing it right?

We got a lot of great feedback.

Well based on a few recent posts on my personal blog and keeping in the spirit of educating on diversity in fandom and celebrating minorities in said fandom, we're going to switch gears and pose that same question for POCs. I also plan to do a post for LGBTs in the not-too-distant-future as I think each group deserves their own post to be celebrated fully.

So my question to you is what excellent comic book series/graphic novel featuring POCs as the primary characters would you recommend? Which series and/or storytellers are doing it right?

My list off the top of my head and yes I know I'm forgetting some true gems.

1) Aaron McGruder's and Reginald Hudlin's Birth of a Nation. This novel redefines satire and unapologetically speaks some fundamental truths. It's a shame McGruder and Hudlin parted ways. They did excellent work together.

2) Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets. Part action/part comedy, written in the spirit of Kill Bill. Two badass women of color. Need I say more?

3) Batgirl (The Cassandra Cain run). Though the last story arc stifled, this series is hands down one of the best series I've ever read, period. I've never seen a comic have so many well developed and fleshed out standalone issues. And my God was it nice to see a WOC showcased as a major player in the DCU.

4) Arana. Definitely one of my favorite series during its run. I especially liked the fact that it showcased fleshed-out three-dimensional Latino characters in such a matter-of-fact manner. A very fun series.

5) Runaways. Need I say more?

6) Black Panther: Despite my  personal disdain for T'Challa and Storm's marriage which came across to me as a publicity stunt to boost sales and Marvel's rendition of Pair-Up the Negro (T'Challa should've married Monica Rambeaux, just saying) and my love/hate relationship of Reginald Hudlin (he who is affiliated with the Axis of Evil known as BET), I've immensely enjoyed his work on Black Panther. I've especially enjoyed Shuri taking over the mantle. I've enjoyed each issue. Also One Bad Mutha (a team-up with the Black Panther and Luke Cage, priceless and funny as hell) and the Deadliest Species are two must have graphic novels.

7) Luke Cage: Noir. Luke Cage, Noir, Harlem New York. Nuff said.

8) Vixen: Return of the Lion. Great graphic novel and I highly recommend you pick it up. Personally I loved Vixen with the Amazo powers and hope they return her to that at some point.

9) X-Men: Worlds Apart. Anything showcasing Storm as the true badass goddess she truly is, I'm so there.

10) Black Lightning. I loved the original ongoing series and the recent limited series.

11) Boondocks: I definitely enjoy the comic more than the cartoon.

12) Ororo: Before The Storm (see #9)

13) Tulsa Doom BAMF! That's all I have to say.

14) Doctor Voodoo

15) The Question: Renee Montoya. A followup to Batwoman (another excellent comic) in Detective Comics.

16) Azrael (the new series). I'm curious to see where they go with this character and his story.

While I haven't read them yet, I've heard nothing but excellent things about the recent Blue Beetle and White Tiger.

Okay. Your turn.


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