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New Year, New Start: NoScans and Derailment

Last year the mod team made some big changes in the community's ethos. It was our goal to make this, and our sister community, a safer space for discussion issues of discrimination and oppression in comics, the comics industry, and the fandom. That all sounds rather weighty, but what it amounts to is being able to talk about racism and other forms of discrimination, and being able to point out instances of creators or fans behaving badly, without getting shot down, trolled, or called delusional -- in other words, without having other members come in and start derailing.

It's still a work in progress. The mod team is still learning, every day, how best to deal with these situations, and members are still learning how best to respect each other, and to be excellent to each other. We've seen some positive progress and growing awareness. We've also seen some recalcitrance.

We've been reluctant to discipline members for anything other than the most obvious offenses (use of slurs, trolling, determined and blatant derailment), because this was such a shift for many of you. Instead, we kept our mod hats off, and entered discussions as fellow members. But we've all had months to educate ourselves, and months to reexamine our positions. Frankly, we can no longer afford to go easy on members, because regular derailment can contribute to a toxic atmosphere in the comm. Our goal from the outset was to make it possible to talk about diversity in comics in a positive atmosphere, but derailment or insistence that such discussion shouldn't be taking place makes that impossible. This is unacceptable.

The mod team has made clear our position with respect to issues such as privilege. You do not need to subscribe to all of our beliefs in order to play nicely in this comm. We don't expect all our members to agree in discussions of this nature. However, we do expect members to be respectful of one another and others' opinions on oppression. As such, members that cannot refrain from derailing the discussions of other members will not be welcome in this community.

In short, if a member is not contributing to a discussion, and posting simply to derail or being aggressively dismissive of others' views, we consider this a form of trolling, subject to modly discipline. Repeat offenders can expect to be removed from the community.

Thanks for your time.

-- The NoScans Daily Mod Team

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