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Anti-Oppression Resources: Quick links version

Anti-Oppression Resources

Scans/noscans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBT-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly, and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Last August we posted a list of resources, compiled to help members of Scans/noscans_daily educate themselves on anti-oppression terms and issues touched on in our Community Ethos. We have expanded this list and are re-posting it.

We recognize that not everyone starts from the same place when it comes to discussions of discrimination, oppression, and privilege. Our hope is that this list will continue to serve as a valuable resource for both members and moderators, and help facilitate discussion and better understanding of topics such as privilege, racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination and oppression.

As a medium, comics are extremely diverse and wide-ranging in terms of their content, style and subject matter. We believe it is important to provide a safer space for all fans to discuss, criticize, celebrate, and enjoy comics, which is why we strongly encourage you to explore the links provided.

The 101s

These resources are 101 level - they're designed for readers who are new to the anti-oppression conversation, or who are new to particular parts of the conversation. Are you a committed feminist who's learning about transphobia? An anti-racist who'd like to learn more about anti-ableism? Or someone who's exploring this stuff in depth for the first time? This section is for you.

Links Lists

Looking for even more 101 content? The following are prepared reading lists at the 101 level. Some contain explanatory notes, while others speak for themselves.

Accessibility and the Internet

Is your code accessible?


What is privilege? Privileges are rights or immunities which are granted to some, as part of an office, title, or membership in a group (eg. executive privilege, spousal privilege). In anti-oppression conversation, 'privilege' refers to the unearned benefits of being a member of a dominant or advantaged group (eg. white privilege, male privilege). Privilege works to systematically overempower the privileged, while disempowering the dis-privileged. The fringe benefits of privilege are generally invisible - taken to be natural, or taken for granted - by the privileged. This aspect of privilege also makes invisible the disadvantages experienced by others.

This is a short list of resources on privilege.

Appropriation and Representation

Cultural appropriation: Borrowing symbols, artifacts, modes of dress, myths and other cultural products from another, different cultural group. Think tribal tattoos and First Nations headdresses on the high fashion runway without any context, understanding or respect for their origins and the people to whom they belong.

Representation: Media representations shape our understanding of ourselves and others - representation matters. Stereotypical depictions of disprivileged groups can have wide-ranging, and harmful effects.


Feminists, anti-racists and other anti-oppression advocates are often told that "you'd catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." The argument being that more people would listen if you'd stop being so angry, pushy, aggressive, emotional, hysterical, etc. Instead, you should your point calmly, rationally, and without causing undue offense. This is the 'tone argument,' and is used both by concern trolls, and by derailers. It is a conversational tactic, designed to discredit the 'angry' opposition, and their arguments at once.


What is derailing? It is literally, to run a conversation off the rails. Derailing happens when someone comes into a conversation and demands that it change course, stop in its tracks, or back up long enough for them to jump on. Derailing can be deliberate and malicious, or well-meaning and ignorant, but in all cases it makes a mess of a delicate and complicated anti-oppression conversation.

This is a short list of resources on derailing.

Conversation and Strategies

Finding these conversations difficult because you lack the vocabulary, or need new tactics? These resources are for you.

Communities, Blogs and Sites

Looking for safe spaces, or places to learn more about anti-oppression theory and activism? We've got some links.

Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, JournalFen, InsaneJournal communities


Magazines and Sites

Exceptional Minority Media

This list is heavily based on member submissions. Please submit your favorites!

This list is only a start. If there is a resource you would like added to, or removed from this list, please let us know. We consider this project a work in progress to be updated and revised on a semi-regular basis.
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