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NuSpidey spoilers: Fan theory for part one of "O.M.I.T." ...

... In response to CBR's preview for Amazing Spider-Man #638.

So, who or what is the little red bird that appears in those preview pages, Insane Jonny of the Spider-Man Crawl Space Message Board?

It's Mephisto. If you remember OMD part 1, Mephisto's appearance was foreshadowed by a red bird appearing. This is the same kind of bird, and is either an avatar of Mephisto or something acting on his behalf.
So, since Mephisto-bird didn't actually do anything in that scene, what was the point of that whole sequence, Crazy Chris of the Spider-Man Crawl Space Message Board?

A while ago I posted a theory that they're going to write it so that the wedding was something that Mephisto caused to occur all along, just so he'd have something to take away in the future to make Spider-Man's soul scream. That way, the marriage timeline can be painted as the distortion of reality, not the way things would naturally unfold without Mephisto's intervention. That serves Quesada's interests, because in the context of the Marvel Universe, his retcons would be restoring the natural timeline, not altering it.

The way that theory fits into this preview is this: In the timeline where Peter gets married, the Mephisto-bird DOES unlock the door, somehow setting off a chain of events that leads to "I DO." But in the BND timeline, Mephisto DOES NOT intervene by unlocking the door (he omits that action, if you will), allowing events to unfold as they would without Satanic intervention, which, in Quesada's eyes, leads to "I DON'T." The purpose of this scene, then, is to show Mephisto not unlocking the door, the implication being that, in the other timeline, he does unlock the door.
In other words, Quesada is going out of his way a) to tell fans of the marriage that they're WRONG for preferring it to the current status quo, and b) to poison the well for any future writers or editors who might want to retcon his OWN retcons.

This isn't even a STORY. This is a GRUDGE wearing a fiction-suit.
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