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Mod Post: Thoughts About Moving NoScans_Daily to DW

Greetings NoScans Daily!

I hope everyone here had a wonderful weekend with all the cool stuff that happened this week (Second Wave New 52 titles were released, FCBD, The Avengers, etc.)

We actually wanted to inform all of you that lately the mod team has been thinking about moving this community over to Dreamwidth where our sister comm, Scans_Daily is residing. Not only will this keep both comms on the same platform, but we strongly feel that the move will make it easier on members of both comms to have easy access to both without needing to worry about having to create accounts on two separate sites just to be able to participate on both comms. Considering that you can now join Dreamwidth without an invitation code, we felt now would be a good time to consider the move.

Another reason for considering the move is the fact that LiveJournal is a site that is continuously growing and becoming more and more commercialised that it is no longer what it used to be. As someone who has been an active LJ user since 2001, I've seen all of the changes that the site has seen from the time that it was just a project brad started when he was a college student, to the time he sold the site to Six Apart, and subsequently to the time it was later sold to its current owner, SUP. As the site transitioned over time in an effort to expand, accommodations have been made that have effectively changed functionality of the site to be able to compete with other popular networking sites (such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and MySpace) and will continue to do so.

While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially since it is a means for service growth for LJ, it does however pose some problems. Given LiveJournal's popularity over all other similar blogging services, it is a more likely target for things like DoS attacks which cause server crashes that disable site use for any length of time. LJ has experienced one or two of these within one year alone and tends to periodically experience downtime whenever the site's bandwidth capacity is exceeded.

Another area of concern, particularly for us, is the fact that LiveJournal doesn't offer the same degree of protection from copyright claims that Dreamwidth does. One of the reasons the original LJ Scans_Daily TOS'ed was due to a copyright infringement claim that was issued on (iirc) a particular post which caused the entire comm to be shut down. At Dreamwidth if a copyright claim is made against a particular post, the issue will be dealt with at the expense of the individual post and not the entire comm itself. I can personally testify to this one since I once made a post to the DW Scans_Daily comm that resulted in a copyright claim, and ended with me removing the actual content from the post itself without compromising the rest of the comm. Since we do allow the posting of media that aren't comic scans for illustration purposes, this puts us slightly at risk for TOS'ing should someone from the industry decide (for whatever reason) to make a copyright claim for any piece of media that gets posted.

Considering that most people who are members of this comm are already members of the S_D community on Dreamwidth, we feel that this is the best course of action to take. It'll not only keep both sites on the same platform and easier to access for all members, but as a safety measure, the move will also allow us to fully benefit from Dreamwidth's non-commerciality and a TOS that offers better protection against copyright claims.

However, since we do acknowledge that NoScans_Daily is our only leg here on LiveJournal and realise that there may not be many other spaces on LJ for comic fans to get together and discuss issues that are important to them, we decided to poll this community to give everyone a chance to speak up and help us decide whether or not to stay here on LJ or move to DW. As I said earlier, the mod team would prefer to move the comm for the reasons stated, but we would also like to hear from you.

Poll #1838966 Comm Migration

How do you feel about moving NoScans_Daily to Dreamwidth?

Yes, move the comm to DW
No, keep the comm on LJ
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