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A fond farewell to Noscans_daily

To all members past and present of No_Scans_Daily

When Noscans_Daily was created, back in 2009, is was intended to be a place where comic fans of any gender, hue and orientation could share their comic related thoughts and ideas about comics in the same sort of a safe environment that Scans_Daily offered.

As time has gone by, and largely fuelled by our migration to firstly InsaneJournal and then DreamWidth some time ago, this LiveJournal NSD hasn't really been used very much.

Given this reduced usage and the fact that the community hasn't been utilised in the last five months, the Mod Team have decided to retire http://community.livejournal.com/noscans_daily/ .

The good news is the purpose of this community won't be going away completely as we will instead be integrating it into the main scans_daily community with a specific set of rules for noscans posts.'. Full details here

So if you haven't made the migration to http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/ yourselves, now would be the perfect opportunity.

Thank you all for your participation on this forum, and we hope to see you over on DW soon.
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