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What comics did you buy because of scans_daily?

Hi all. I've been following a lot of the kerfuffle over the end of (the original) scans_daily, and one thing that I and a ton of others have been saying is that the community caused or encouraged us to (shock) buy more comics. Now, me being a fact-oriented and also curious person, I thought it might be interesting to do a round-up report of specifically what comics you'd never have bought without scans_daily. I'm not looking to resurrect scans_daily in the manner of a petition to Marvel or whatever - I just think it would be interesting to see just how Marvel or any other comics companies may have benefited from this kind of community. Perhaps this will even help show the benefit of future communities or fan-run sites to these companies.

If, perchance, you want to participate in this impromptu survey, feel free to comment below:

1. List ONLY comics that you bought directly because of something on scans_daily. (This can include a single issue, a TPB, or a slew of comics you bought because scans_daily turned you on to a series. As long as the original impetus was a post in scans_daily.

2. Separate your list into direct-from-company (i.e. new issues, TPBs on Amazon, that kind of thing) and old issues through resellers.

3. Feel free to note if you bought some old issues through resellers that led to buying new issues from the companies.

Here's my data:

I'd first like to note that since scans_daily got me into collecting Deadpool, a lot of these are Deadpool-related. I also buy other Marvel comics not listed here, such as Runaways, Wolverine: First Class, Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, Invincible Iron Man, Spider-man, etc.. These are tangentially related to my reading scans_daily as well, because collecting Deadpool pushed me back into collecting several other runs and regular trips to the comic book store, instead of the occasional jaunt.

New issues and TPBs purchased from company after reading something on scans_daily:

Deadpool Classic TPB
Contest of Champions II TPB
Cable & Deadpool 1 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 2 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 3 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 4 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 5 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 6 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 7 TPB
Cable & Deadpool 8 TPB
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 5 Hardcover

Marvel Presents #10
Deadpool current run: #1 & variant, #2 & variant, #3 - present
Cable current run: #1 - present
Weapon X: First Class #1-3

Sum total:

Approximately 11 collections (TPB & Hardcover)
Approximately 25 individual issues
2 ongoing subscriptions

Old issues purchased from resellers after reading something on scans_daily:

Pretty much every appearance of Deadpool ever written, including old Deadpool, X-Force, The New Mutants, X-Force & Cable, Identity Disc, etc.
DC's Superman/Batman Annual that featured the Deadpoolesque character.
Several old Cable issues.

Sum total:

Over 120 old comics.

As should be patently obvious here, scans_daily was instrumental in my spending a lot of money on Marvel comics. Oh, the irony, she bites.

Does she bite for anyone else?

ETA: Just wanted to make it clear, please do list any comics, not just Marvel ones. I just happen to have a lot of Marvel ones I would not have bought if not for scans_daily.

(Also, great to read the responses so far! I may not reply to them all, but that's not really the point of this post anyway. :) The point is to see the effect the community had on each of us and what we bought.)

ETA No. 2: I have just seen that I missed a previous similar post (I did look!) about this same topic. So I'm linking it here so we can (sort of) have all the answers in one place. Please do continue to reply to one of the posts! Thanks! :)
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